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Invoicing in Salesforce for Jewish Kids Groups Solved by Yurgosky and Chargent

Guided by Yurgosky Consulting, the Jewish Kids Groups nonprofit organization greatly simplified their invoicing processes, improving client satisfaction with consolidated bills and lowering their manual effort by a full time employee per month!

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Patrick Yurgosky, President, Yurgosky

Scott Peterson, Director of Engineering, Yurgosky

PATRICK YURGOSKY: So, my name is Patrick Yurgosky. I'm the president of the company, Yurgosky. We are an expert data analytics company focused on making data easy to collect, easy to understand, and useful to drive a deeper connection between our clients and their constituents.

So, we help our clients understand who their constituents are, what are the touchpoints that they have with them, what's the 11-point experience that they want their constituents to have, and then what's the technology that they need and the data that they need to generate that experience.

So, from there, what we do is we build and configure technology to facilitate that connection, and we do this by creating some of the most advanced products on the market today. You can download some of them on the AppExchange. But then a lot of them, we build custom for our clients with our amazing partners, such as Chargent.

A little bit about Jewish Kids Groups (JKG). It was started in 2012, and their mission is to educate and inspire children in a way that feels more like summer camp, engaging in the joys of Jewish identity, learning, and friendship.

And so, JKG engaged us to implement Salesforce, and so the project overall, the goals were to one, better engage constituents over email. Two, we needed to track student attendance, carpool pickups, enrollments, things like that. Three, we needed to manage employee records. Four, we needed better data analytics for quality assurance in program delivery. And then five, and this is what we’re going to talk about today, is managing billing and invoicing.

SCOTT PETERSON: We took the information you see in the screenshot. You can actually go and create a record manually to put in your billing information, credit card number, bank account number, and so on.

And we have some triggers behind the scenes that utilizes some Chargent Apex methods that they published that goes to Authorize.Net, grabs a token for that payment information, saves it back into that record, and then removes all the sensitive material.

Second, we actually used a student registration, the registration cost in an Apex class that we wrote, that then creates what we call household invoice line items. I'll talk about that in a moment. We have that looking up to Chargent orders. And so, a Chargent order is really defined by these household line items.

These household line items serve a second purpose. This is the second control. So, before the credit card gets billed, we now have the invoice, and JKG staff can edit those household line items, the cost themselves, to make sure that the credit card will be charged the right amount. So, it’s another layer of review before the card gets charged.

These actually look up to a Chargent order, and so the Chargent order amount, if we were to go in and modify the amounts of these line items, the Chargent order would reflect that to give the organization a timed review. The Chargent order, we’re actually using Chargent’s batch process and that they are one-time scheduled payments. So, about a week after this gets generated, we have the orders that will actually get pushed out and charged.

So, results and next steps. We actually went live with this last month. It was very successful. We ended up reducing a number of invoices, over 400% reduction. If you think about all the different households with multiple children, it just kind of aggregated up.

We saved over one full-time employee their time on invoicing because they were able to not have to process so many refunds or partial refunds based on the data they had. They had no significant invoicing errors, so they had less back-and-forth with their customers.

In the end, last month, Chargent worked great. It processed over $100,000 for their team.

We’re really in big development right now for their Salesforce communities. What they're doing is allowing their customers to log in to see what classes their students are enrolled at, to modify that enrollment, to see their invoices, to change their credit card payment preferences, again, just to reduce the volume of support going to the JKG team.

With that, Chargent’s been a great solution for them, and thank you again for letting us come out and speak about it.

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