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Chargent Terminal

Chargent Terminal

Chargent Terminal

Chargent Terminal allows you to take payments from customers in person, and have the transactions recorded in Salesforce.

  • Reduce card processing fees
  • Take payments via card and phone face-to-face
  • Get donations directly from cards at events

Chargent Terminal

Chargent Terminal is the only EMV Compliant solution for card present transactions on the Salesforce AppExchange, and also supports swipe, ApplePay, Android Pay, and Google Pay.

It runs on the latest Smart Terminal hardware, a PCI and EMV certified credit card machine and point-of-sale device, and works with several payment processors supported by Chargent.

Android Pay    Emv Certified

ApplePay Google Pay

With Chargent Terminal, now your business can accept card present payments from your customers using smart terminal devices. For situations where the customer is with you in person, presenting a payment source, a single terminal supports EMV (chip), swipe (classic magnetic stripe), and NFC (tap) options such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay.

Chargent Terminal

Popular use cases for Chargent Terminal:

  • Hospitality
  • Medical Clinics
  • Retail with Custom Orders
  • Standard Retail
  • Field Service Teams

Chargent Terminal

An elegant one stop shop solution to a complicated situation

I needed a solution to allowed me to have a Sales force integrated terminal in 130+ locations across the US. that recorded every transactions, also allowed me to send payment requests, create followup payments depending on my customers order status and last allow me to use it for my Web transactions. I went to the AppExchange in search and found Chargent. After giving all of my use cases to Micaiah he told me what they could and couldn't do. Priort to this being implemented-- he solved the issues that he was unable to do when we first contacted them!! The support has been exceptional. The terminal is so simple and intuitive I ran the first live transaction in a test store without reading the instructions. Chargent and Micaiah are dedicated to my success-his efforts went way beyond what was required on his SOW. Steve S VP Sales Tuff Shed

- Stephen Stessman