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Features & Benefits Chargent Payment Processing

Collect cash faster and get more control
over your payments with Chargent.

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce is the top payments application on the Salesforce AppExchange. Chargent is a 100% Salesforce native, lightning ready credit card / ACH payment solution for one time or recurring billing. Chargent puts you in complete control of your payment processing, managing everything right in Salesforce where your customer data is stored.

Available as an easy-to-install Salesforce add-on, our highly extensible platform has been deployed in hundreds of organizations since 2009. Chargent comes with pre-built integrations to 30+ payment gateways, with developer tools that make it easy to customize to fit any business process.

Chargent Features

  • 100% Salesforce native

    Chargent is the only 100% native payment processing application on the AppExchange.

    • Works directly from Opportunities, Cases, or Chargent Orders (custom)
    • Control all logic in Salesforce, just communicate with the gateways
    • Every transaction initiated directly from Salesforce

  • Multiple Gateways

    20+ ready-to-go integrations include, Stripe, Vantiv, Payflow Pro (PayPal), Chase, USAePay, Merchant e-Solutions, Cybersource, Barclaycard and more.

    • All major payment gateways supported
    • Use multiple gateways simultaneously for separate business units
    • Add or change a gateway in minutes with a single Salesforce record

  • One-Time or Recurring Billing

    Manage all your billing and subscriptions directly within Chargent inside of Salesforce.

    • One-Time, Daily, Biweekly, Weekly, Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Annual or Biennial
    • Scheduled and Installment payment options as well
    • Get an instant response back and easily see subscription payment status

  • Payment Request Invoicing

    As part of our developer tools, get a fully customizable invoicing solution. Get paid faster and easier with payment request.

    • Email payment links at the click of a button
    • Secure, hosted credit card page on your site
    • Transactions update into Salesforce immediately

  • Payment Console

    Submit payments directly from a Salesforce popup window to your payment gateway, without saving or storing account numbers in Salesforce.

    • Greatly reduce your organizations PCI Compliance scope
    • Supports credit card / ACH transactions and tokenization
    • Great for call center or customer service applications

  • Chargent Termial, Powered by Poynt

    Chargent Terminal

    Take payments via card and phone from your customers face-to-face, and have the transactions recorded in Salesforce.

    • Reduce card processing fees with card-present transactions
    • Supports swipe, chip (EMV Certified) and tap / NFC (Apple Pay / Android Pay)
    • Runs on the Poynt Smart Terminal, a PCI and EMV certified credit card machine

  • Payments in Salesforce Communities

    Chargent is the only solution on the AppExchange which enables payments in Salesforce Customer Communities, Partner Communities, and Portals.

    • Enable self-service payments, billing updates, eCommerce
    • Developer tools allow a completely customized UI on
    • Works with legacy Customer Portal and Partner Portal as well

  • FinancialForce Platform Integrations

    Easily accept credit/debit cards and eCheck payments without leaving your accounting, supply chain or CRM software.

    • Automated Cash Matching
    • Accept payments directly from Invoices
    • Support for all major Chargent features

  • The Most Happy Customers

    With unparalleled tools & support, thousands of developers, admins, and implementation firms are successfully using Chargent.

    • Most 5 Star reviews on the AppExchange
    • Production-proven since 2009
    • Hundreds of live customers from the Fortune 500 to nonprofits

  • Designed for Security & PCI Compliance

    Encrypted fields, custom profiles, and other Salesforce security features do most of the heavy lifting for PCI-DSS Compliance.

    • Payment Console tokenizes in-memory for PCI scope reduction
    • Salesforce has strong security: profiles, FLS and IP restrictions
    • Tokenization options allow external storage of account numbers

  • Great Developer Tools

    Since 2009, hundreds of Salesforce Admins and Developers have used Chargent for its easy customization and extensibility.

    • API for integrating external systems to Salesforce payments
    • Call Chargent methods from internal Salesforce Visualforce pages
    • Customizable site payment form and Payment Request email

  • Choose Chargent Orders, Cases or Opportunities

    Chargent works with either the standard Opportunity or Case objects, or our custom Chargent Orders object, directly inside of Salesforce.

    • Chargent Orders includes Subtotal, Shipping, Tax and Calculated Total
    • Opportunities and Cases include custom layouts
    • Check status and initiate transactions from any of the 3 types

  • Flexible Payments Framework

    All transactions are stored in a custom object in Salesforce, and all Chargent code is 100% Salesforce native, for easy configuration with no integration.

    • Add business logic with workflow rules or APEX triggers
    • No external integrations other than gateway communication
    • Salesforce developer and administrator friendly

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Chargent Benefits

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Why Chargent?

Why Chargent

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Chargent Use Cases


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Chargent Demo Videos

Chargent Demo Videos

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