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Chargent Support and Documentation

The following documentation will provide you with complete setup, configuration and usage of the Chargent application in Salesforce.

Once you have Chargent configured you will have the ability to use the core features such as Recurring Billing, Payment Request, and Payment Console. Chargent can be implemented on any object in Salesforce using our Chargent Anywhere package.

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Chargent Support Team

Monday - Friday, 5 AM - 5 PM Pacific.
Phone: 415-275-1115 extension 2

Open A Ticket

AppFrontier provides free and included technical support to assist you with setup and use of Chargent, Chargent Terminal, and associated connectors and payment gateways.

Chargent Terminal Support

(Chargent-supplied Hardware only)

Phone: 415-366-0295 (24/7)

Chargent Knowledge Base

Chargent’s searchable knowledge base contains hundreds of short articles on payments, error messages, frequently asked questions, and more.

Search the Knowledge Base

Developer Documentation

Our support team can assist with the core Chargent product. If you need assistance with developer code or customizing Chargent, our team can assist with troubleshooting based on our knowledge of Chargent features.

For deeper support such as reading your Apex Code, writing Apex code, or creating custom functionality, we can recommend partners who are familiar with the customizing the Chargent App in Salesforce. Contact Us for more recommendations.

Also check out our Chargent API & Integrations page for some common items.