Salesforce Customer Community Payments

Use Cases for Chargent:
Enabling Payments in Salesforce Customer Communities and Partner Portals


Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to use the power of Salesforce to connect with your customers, partners and employees. Salesforce communities enable self-service, extend business processes beyond your staff, and can increase sales as well.

Adding payment processing capabilities to your Salesforce Customer Communities and Salesforce Partner Communities helps you achieve a new level of business integration and sales acceleration. And in this increasingly mobile and connected world, your customers not only want self-service online portal access for billing and commerce related needs, but they expect it.

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce enables payments to be embedded in any Salesforce business process, whether inside your Salesforce org or exposed to customers and partners via Salesforce communities. You get the same level of granular control and security as with the rest of Salesforce, with faster revenue collection and better billing visibility.

With payment processing in Salesforce Communities, your customers can:

  • Sign up for subscriptions, memberships, recurring donations
  • Update credit card or eCheck / ACH billing information
  • View invoices and receipts
  • Place eCommerce orders for new services or products
  • Request service, warranty replacement, additional supplies or parts

Best of all, enabling self-service payments within Salesforce Communities frees your accounting and finance teams to focus on more strategic work. Processing payments or updating billing details no longer has to be handled by a separate system or handled manually by your accounting team, so it can be fully automated as part of your other Salesforce workflows.


Salesforce Community Cloud - Customer and Partner Communities

Take Payments Lightning Web Component (LWC)

Chargent Take Payments Lightning Web Component enables any Communities page to accept payments. In about 10 minutes you can setup your Salesforce Communities page so customers can make a payment.

Take Payment

Allowing self-service payments provides flexibility to your customers as they no longer have to call you, and they can see what invoices or payments are due. They can simply login to their account and make the payment themselves.

This provides ease of use to your customers. It also saves your Customer Service team time in responding to phone calls and emails.

Take Payment

Technical Considerations

Chargent Packages

The Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce application consists of 2 parts, the Base Package, and the Chargent Order Transaction package that the Chargent Billing fields are part of.

  • We recommend the Chargent Orders package for maximum flexibility with Community implementations.
  • IMPORTANT: Opportunities don't work in Customer Communities. They do work in Partner Communities, so please be aware of this limitation.


Most customers use VisualForce pages in Salesforce Communities to make a UI that is customized to their specific uses.

Chargent Payment Processing is 100% Salesforce native, and all of our methods can be called directly from Visualforce pages inside Salesforce, to give you all the functionality a Salesforce user could have without the typical fields and buttons appearing to your customers within the community interface.

Please note that the Chargent API and direct access to our Salesforce methods are included in our Platform edition. For a la carte access to these developer tools on our Sites edition, please contact us.


Customer Portal and Partner Portal were the previous generation of Salesforce Communities, and were retired in the Summer '13. For customers who were already using the Portal products and have not upgraded to Communities, Chargent is still able to support payments within Salesforce's legacy portal products.

The primary difference between the Portal and Community versions are access to Chatter and public and private pages in the newer Communities, though there are other differences as well. Communities offer both transactional self-service for your customers, as well as the ability to interact with your company and other customers via Chatter.

Salesforce customers setting up the Salesforce Community Cloud today can choose from Customer Communities or Partner Communities. Partner Communities includes additional functionality such as lead and opportunity management, as well as reporting and dashboards. Chargent supports payment integrations inside both types of Salesforce online communities, as well as the legacy portal products.

With both Salesforce Communities and Portals you can let your customers manage their own billing information, renewals, subscriptions, ecommerce purchases and other types of transactions in a completely integrated web site experience powered by Salesforce and Chargent.

Customer Community Payments Use Cases

The following examples are actual implementations completed by Chargent customers, often working with Chargent implementation partners to enable payment processing within the Salesforce Customer Communities / Partner Portal.

Customer Payment Portal

  • See previous payments
  • Schedule future payments
  • View upcoming payment schedule
  • Update billing information


Invoice Payment

  • Allow user to login and pay for invoices
  • Update billing information
  • View paid invoices
  • Resend past invoices or receipts


Manufacturing Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

  • Allow a customer to pay for express replacement of parts
  • Authorize customer credit card prior to shipment
  • Capture payment on credit card if defective parts are not returned
  • Automated shipping, payment, and return processing workflows


Nonprofit Donor Portal

  • Allow donors to set up recurring donations
  • Accept One-time payments and special gifts
  • Update billing information
  • Print Tax Gift Receipts


Associations & Membership Organizations

  • Members can manage payment sources
  • Members pay dues in portal
  • Annual recurring dues and payments of enrollment fees
  • eCommerce purchases of books and materials


Salesforce Communities

Chargent Customer Community Pricing

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce pricing for Customer Communities is flexible, and is based on how Salesforce pricing for Customer Communities is typically structured. In addition to the standard Chargent license, you can choose to enable licensing for Customer Communities on either a named user or shared login pool basis.

For shared login pools, pricing would be a flat rate based on your tier of logins per month. For named users, Chargent licenses would be assigned to individual Customer Communities users the same way you assign licenses to your internal Salesforce users. Often some custom code can be used to assign licenses dynamically via API calls to your Community users.

The Chargent API and access to our Salesforce methods required for integration into your own Visualforce pages in Communities are included in our Platform edition. For a la carte access to these developer tools on our Sites edition, please contact us.


There are many options for enabling payments in Salesforce customer communities with Chargent. But you don't need to go it alone, speak to one of our implementation experts for ideas and assistance.

If you have questions about options, integrations, product capabilities or anything else, please give us a call at 415-275-1115 x 1, or contact us online.

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