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Use Cases for Chargent:
Complete Salesforce Back Office

with Chargent and Accounting Seed

Today many businesses are using Salesforce not just for their sales and customer service management, but as a single customer database that also drives accounting, billing, order and inventory management, and more.

Long the domain of front office functions, use of Salesforce's CRM platform to centralize and streamline back office functions is growing rapidly as operations and finance professionals realize the benefit of one login, one security model, and one database for all their data.

Enter Accounting Seed

One of the leaders of this Back Office revolution on the Salesforce platform is Accounting Seed, which provides both Accounting and ERP software built from the ground up to run 100% natively and exclusively on Salesforce.

Accounting Seed customers can manage all their sales and financial data in one place, with no data duplication or hassle of complex integrations or switching between systems. Accounting Seed combines CRM and ERP seamlessly, delivering reliable and affordable accounting and order and inventory management with the power and flexibility of Salesforce.

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Chargent Completes the Picture

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce plugs in directly to Salesforce and Accounting Seed, managing payments wherever they need to be in both systems. Create Sales Orders and Invoices in Accounting Seed, then take payments via credit card or ACH with the click of a button. And setting up installment payments or subscriptions to be billed automatically by Chargent in Salesforce is easy too.

Accounting Seed and Chargent have a connection that can be activated by a single checkbox setting in Salesforce. Chargent will then automatically create transaction records in Salesforce and corresponding Cash Receipt records in Accounting Seed's Financial Suite for all transactions marked as "Approved". No data entry required, just apply the cash receipts to open invoices.

And if you refund a customer's credit card in Chargent, the pre-built integration with Accounting Seed automatically creates a Cash Disbursement Batch and Cash Disbursement record, complete with lookups between the two applications, as well as payment gateway transaction ids in both places for easier reconciliation.


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See for yourself how Accounting Seed and Chargent, along with Salesforce, can transform your back office systems. Install a 30 day trial, or contact us today for more information.

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